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Our fundamental movement motor skills programme, which we deliver into nurseries and pre-schools, focuses on balancing, bouncing, rolling, kicking, throwing, catching and jumping.


Please contact us for information regarding the tailored packages we offer schools, which include; PPA cover, after school clubs, staff training and mentoring.

Our chair-based exercise sessions and seated recreational games involve a mixture of exercises and fun, competitive games. Our musical movements sessions consist of carrying out exercises and stretches to music. We also offer iPad therapy, slipper soccer and cognitive stimulation sessions.


All of the sessions we deliver aim to preserve muscle strength and improve and sustain mobility levels.


Sessions can be carried out on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.



What our clients say about us...


"Our residents with dementia really benefit from Move-It Mobility sessions" Carl Rae, Redcote House Care Home


"Excellent service and great value" Emma, Saxilby Sunflower Nursery

Why choose Move-It Mobility?


Our services aim to promote regular physical activity, which can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, as well as tackling loneliness and social isolation to reduce poor health and physical inactivity.

Physical activity levels decline rapidly with increasing age. Physical activity may improve at least some aspects of cognitive function that are important for tasks of daily living, and is also associated with a reduced risk of developing problems of cognitive impairment in old age. - British Heart Foundation (2006) Active for later life


Physical decline in older people can be reversed relatively quickly. Among over-75s, 15 years of rejuvenation of muscle strength (27 percent increase in leg strength) can be regained in three months. - British Heart Foundation (2006) Active for later life

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